EX08-2B Plug and socket


This series connector with 2,3,4,6,8,10,12,19 and 32 pin, supporting the use of 100 kinds of combinations.

This push-pull self-locking metal connector products have fixed, floating, straight-through-type sockets available for selected models, fast plug and the separation of high-performance shielding effect,etc.

Application:This connector can be widely used in Audio/Video like LCD Monitor.
Pins:19 Pins
Compatible LEMO Model No:FGG.2B.319.CLAD-SEG.2B.319.CLL
This connector Nut can be with bend relief and without bend relief version for selection.The cable collect we have ~mm for your selection.The connector we have PCB and solder type contact pin for selection,Plug use solder type pin.
OD Size:M15
Contact Dia(mm):0.7
Contact Resistance(mΩ):7.0
Working Current(A):5.0
Working Voltage:1070V/DC,770V/AC

*Technical characteristics
Mechanical and Climatic
1. Endurance: > 5000 mating circles;
2. Humidity (Max): <=95% [at 60 deg C];
3. Temperature: -45 deg C, +125 deg C;
4. Vibration: 15 g[10 HZ-2000HZ];
5. Shock resistance: 100 g [6 ms];
6. Salt Spray Corrosion: > 48h;
7. IP Rating: IP50.

*Note: We have the capacity and rich experience of tooling develop and design with providing whole connector application solutions.