Product:Circular B Series】 【1B Series  
5pin medical connector--点击查看产品详细资料 5pin medical connector
EX-PRO 1B 5 Pin connector Electric Property:

1B YAG Series Plug--点击查看产品详细资料 1B YAG Series Plug
Model:EX08-1B YAG
EX08-1B YAG Plug

This connector use the nut ....

rear panel connector--点击查看产品详细资料 rear panel connector
EX-PRO 1B Series connector can be applied in Medic....
1B PHG cable to cable connector--点击查看产品详细资料 1B PHG cable to cable connector
Free socket with a cable collet and nut for fittin....
EX-PRO PHG 10pin Elbow plug--点击查看产品详细资料 EX-PRO PHG 10pin Elbow plug
Model:PHG.1B.310.CLAD62Z Elbow Plug
Refer EX-PRO P/N: PHG.1B.310.CLAD62Z Elbow Plug

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