rear panel connector


EX-PRO 1B Series connector can be applied in Medical apparatus, communication, security system, Surveying, photography/audio/video, UCAM, automotive etc which can connect the electronic signal. Especially, this connector can be suitable with the instrument and equipment which need frequent connecting and disconnecting and EMC shielding, for example, medical apparatus like pulse oximetry, electrocardiograph etc. usually use 5 pins,7 pins and 10 pins; Communication like radio station for individual mobile, military mobile, police car and navigation usually use 2 pins~16 pins; security system like military mobile communication, receiver etc. usually use 2 pins~16 pins; Surveying like GPS receiver and transmitter etc. usually use 2 pins~10 pins; Photography/audio/video like video camera, dubbing room equipment in the photostudio, ,audio/video controller for home theaters etc. usually use 2 pins~16 pins; UCAM like for city monitoring center usually use 7 pins,8 pins and 10 pins; Automotive like robot, automotive sensor, Dynamic data sensing usually use 2 pins~16 pins.

--Number of contacts for selection:1B series connector have 2Pin,3Pin,4Pin,5Pin,6Pin,7Pin,8Pin,10Pin,14Pin and 16Pin,and 100 combinations for plug and socket.
--Contact Dia:0.7mm~1.3mm
--Plug types: YGG.YGG with bend relief
--Socket types: SGG,SCG,SEG,SCG(Elbow contact),PRG,WGG
--Shell Material: Pearl Chrome-plated brass alloy/Black chrome-plated brass alloy

Product Features:
1)Simple connection and separation—rapid push-pull self-latching system
2)Welding ,crimping and PCB-core-type print contacts
3)Straight and 90 degree elbow plug
4)Pin system can be chosen to avoid the use of a machine similar to the connector between the mixed interpolation
5)360°EMC shielding, anti-electromagnetic interference
6)Series of multi-core, high-density installation space-saving