Representatives to the protection of IP.
International Electrotechnical Commission, "the shell level of protection (IP code)."
Protection class (IP Code) IEC
60529 defines the electrical equipment in order to avoid foreign matter (such as tools, dust, fingers) and the wet gas into a sealed enclosure to protect their hierarchical classification. The classification is expressed as the letters "IP" (access to protected), followed by two numbers plus.
Protection class - the first a number of
IP code, the first one digit to avoid the moving parts of the body touching the level of protection and the prevention of solid foreign objects into the equipment casing degree of protection.

0 - No special protection
1 - to prevent large parts of the body (eg hands) or to prevent a diameter greater than 50mm of solid substances into
2 - Prevention of no more than length 80mm, diameter 12mm objects into
3 - Prevention of tools, wires, etc. is greater than 2.5 mm in diameter or thickness of an object into
4 - to prevent the diameter or thickness greater than 1.0 mm of solid substances into
5 - to prevent dust from fouling the impact equipment running
6 - total dust

Protection class - the first two numbers
The first two digits to avoid entering the water in various forms (such as infusion, injected into, immersion, etc.) the degree of protection equipment enclosure.

0 - No special protection
1 - to prevent the water perpendicular to trickle
2 - Prevention of water to no more than 15 ° inclination of trickle-down
3 - Prevention of water sprayed into the
4 - to prevent water splashing into the
5 - to prevent the water from the nozzle injection
6 - to prevent a lot of water or an injection pressure of water entering
7 - to prevent the short-term immersion in the process of water into the
8 - to prevent the full and continuous submerged in the process of water to enter (at least 1 meter depth of inundation, under 15 minutes).