EX-PRO Metal Multi-core circular push-pull self-locking connector seiries and other products widely used in various Industry, EX-PRO cylindrical connectors with self-locking function, a variety of plugs and sockets models for option, exquisitely design , its celerity self-locking feature with simple operation, safe and reliable, its very low contact resistance and electrical continuity, perfect shielding effect can be adapted to a variety of special circumstances.

Since the company inception, has been uphold Innovation and refined the product to do so specifically with integrity and pragmatic attitude and responsibility to bring customers the best value, and help customers to find problems and solutions; according to the customer's product requirements and use of environment and cost-effective to design a variety of different industries that needed connector products,  go with the company's products become increasingly rich, is now widely applied to various areas including: testing and measurement, medical equipment, radio, television and communications, audio / video; automobile testing equipment, power supply and so on.

  • Automotive   
      Cars/Trucks (inside), Crash Dummies, Engine Compartments
  • Audio/Video     
       Remote Camera Systems (activators) Motion Picture Cameras - Indoors, Remote Camera Systems (activators) Motion Picture Cameras - Outdoors, Analog Audio/Video
  • Aviation   
    Airplanes/Helicopters, Baggage Screener
  • Communications  
      Antennas - Indoors, Antennas - Outdoors, Headsets/IBFs (Reporter)
  • Industrial Control  
      Security/Surveillance - Indoors, Security/Surveillance - Outdoors
  • Information Systems   
      Authentication Devices, Computers (outdoors), Input Device
  • Machines
     Dirty / Hot Environment (e.g., milling), Process control (e.g., sensors),    Robot Handling (e.g., assembly line)
  • Medical Equipment
    Analyzers, Processing Equipment, UL61010A, Dental Equipment, Disposable Devices (sensors, catheders)
  •  Military
      Airborne Devices, Land Vehicles, Personal Equipment
  • Miscellaneous
    Communication and Control, Motorsports, Telemetry
  • Pubilc Sector 
    Traffic Signals/Sensors, Trains and Subways, Search and Rescue
  • Research  
    Robots, Sub-Atomic Research, Physics Research
  • Test and Measurement
    GPS (portable or vehicle mounted), High Voltage Experiments, Meters, Sources, Analyzers