YFA Half Moon Type Coaxial Connector


Type: coaxial connector

Application: data transfer

Gender: male and female

half moon type coaxial connector,Series S - Detailed Description
1. Shell size 00 to size

2. Security of the push-pull self-latching system

3. Multi-pole types 2 to 6 contacts
4. Solder ,print or crimp contacts (straight or elbow)

5. High packing density for space saving

6. Many kinds of key options to avoid cross mating of similar connectors

7. 360 angle screening for full EMC shielding

8. Polarisation by stepped insert (half-moon) fitted with male and female contacts

9. Male contacts and female contacts are made of bronze beryllium and have a gold-plated surface

10. Insulator used mechanical characteristics of thermoplastics, such as PPS, and PEEK

11. Compatible with Series S/FFA/ERA/PCA