IP68 0K-7Pin waterproof connector


Model NO: YGG.0K.307.CLAD, SGG.0K.307.CLL

No.of pins: 7pin

IP Rating: IP68

Insulator Material: PPS/PEEK

Contact Resistance: 7.5mΩ

Working Current: 2.5A

Working Volt:400V/DC,250V/DC

Testing Volt:900V/DC,600V/DC

Series K metal connector with the following main features:

1)Watertight connection;
2)Security of the push-pull latching system;
3)Solder, crimp or print (straight or elbow) contacts;
4)Multiple key option to avoid cross mating of similar connectors;
5)Multipole types 2 to 32 contacts;
6)Keyibng system, (G key standard) for connector alignment;
7)360°screening for full EPC shielding;
8)Rugged housing for extreme working conditions;
9)High packing density for space saving.