IP68 Waterproof connector


EX-PRO 0K IP68 2 Pin connector Electric Property:
P/N: YGG.0K.302.CLAC, SGG.0K.302.CLL
OD Size:M14
Contact Dia(mm):0.9
Contact Resistance(mΩ):4.0
Working Current(A):10
Working Voltage:1050V/DC,750V/AC

EX-PRO 0K Series connector can be applied in Detecting, Investigation, Communication I/O system, security system, medical apparatus, automotive, audio/video etc which can connect the electronic signal. Especially, this connector can be suitable with the instrument and equipment which need frequent connecting and disconnecting and EMC shielding, for example,2 pins connector can be mainly applied in power supply(sometimes we also use 3 pins);Detecting\investigation equipment like flaw detector ,survey instrument etc. usually use 2 pins and 4 pins; Medical apparatus like Oxygen probe, pulse oximetry, Eye A/B ultrasound, endoscope etc usually use 5 pins and 7 pins.; Communication I/O system like UCAM usually use 9 pins, Console etc.; Audio/Video signal transfer like military mobile communication instrument, military radio, remote video camera etc. usually use 2 pins,3 pins,4 pins,5 pins and 6 pins; Automotive like robot usually use 2~9 pins; automotive sensor usually use 2~9 pins.
--Number of contacts for selection:0K series connector have 2Pin,3Pin,4Pin,5Pin,6Pin,7Pin and 9Pin,and 90 combinations for plug and socket.
--Plug types: YGG.YGG with bend relief
--Socket types: SGG,SCG,SEG,SCG(Elbow contact),PRG,WGG
--Shell Material: Pearl Chrome-plated brass alloy/Black chrome-plated brass alloy

*Technical characteristics
Mechanical and Climatic
1. Endurance: > 5000 mating circles;
2. Humidity (Max): <=95% [at 60 deg C];
3. Temperature: -45 deg C, +125 deg C;
4. Vibration: 15 g[10 HZ-2000HZ];
5. Shock resistance: 100 g [6 ms];
6. Salt Spray Corrosion: > 48h;
7. IP Rating: IP65~IP68.

*Note: We can specially customize connector for customers according to their application requirement.