EX-PRO 10 pin plastic floating connector


Application: Medical Electric, Testing and Measurement, Industry Electric, Automotive.

Plastic series connector have 2Pin,3Pin,4Pin,5Pin,6Pin,7Pin,8Pin,9Pin,10Pin and 14Pin,and 200 combinations for plug and socket.
This connector can be with bend relief and without bend relief version for selection.The connector we have PCB and solder type contact pin for selection,Plug use solder type pin.
Color Code: 01:Black; 02:Blue; 03:Red; 04: Green; 05: Yellow; 06: Grey.
Cable collet: E39:2.7~3.9;E52:4.0~5.2;E65:5.3~6.5
OD Size:M14

Product Features:
1)Simple connection and separation—rapid push-pull self-latching system
2)Welding ,crimping and PCB-core-type print contacts
3)Straight and 90 degree elbow plug
4)Pin system can be chosen to avoid the use of a machine similar to the connector between the mixed interpolation
360°EMC shielding, anti-electromagnetic interference
5)Series of multi-core, high-density installation space-saving