EX08-02 Power Connector


EX08-02 Module power connector

EX08-02 Series module power connector is a dedicated interface products, it can completely interchangeable use with the same type of products of original ELCON. The product uses advanced technology and single-leaf turning double-curved line jack spring and spring crown (Crown) jack for access to pieces, making products with a high dynamic contact reliability.

EX08-02 connector series have a number of varieties; pin, jack and the wire in the form of termination: Press-fit type, printing and welding-type PCB; for the market to meet customer requirements of the different kinds of circuit, EX08 -02 power connector series pins of various specifications are: standard, long-and short-cut choices.

No1.The main technical parameters:
Crown spring material of choice is high flexibility, high-strength bronze. The use of the crown structure of the spring with a jack smooth arc contact, plug up soft at the same time be able to guarantee effective way to reach a larger surface. The use of the crown structure of the spring jack low contact resistance (small voltage drop), a small temperature rise, with seismic, vibration-resistant high-capacity, and thus the use of the product structure of the spring crown with a dynamic high-contact

operating temperature: -45℃-------125℃ Voltage: 250V
Resistance: Table 1
Contact Resistance: Table 1
Insulation Resistance: ≥5000MΩ(At room temperature)
Anti-electric strength: 1500V(DC)
Life expectancy: 1000 Push-pull times